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Topographic maps-Project List



In recent years, Stereometrics, Inc. has been under contract with the Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesThe Office of Mines and Minerals –Division of Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation for the preparation of topographic information of landfills and mine sites. The following large projects were completed successfully:


· Mapping of 2003: AML-GSwE-0247

· Mapping of 2004: AML-GSwE-0347

· Mapping of 2006: AML-GSwE-0549

· Mapping of 2007: AML-GSwE-0649

· Mapping of 2014: AML-GSwE-1349



Very often we provide contour  mapping for landfills and quarries or golf course development. Photogrammetric services are also requested on regular basis by the larger mapping companies.



Stereometrics was contracted for mapping services many times by private firms or government agencies. Here are just some of them:


· Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

· St. Louis County Missouri

· Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.

· Bluff City Materials, Inc.

· Shawnee Survey & Consulting, Inc.

· Berns, Clancy and Associates





Detailed references with contact information can be provided upon request .

Phone: 847-202-1262


Phone: 847-202-1262