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Photogrammetry is the art, science, and technology of reconstructing a reliable and accurate model of an original 3D real world scene.  All steps from the flight planning to the final representation of the model

are included in our service list.


Service List

The establishment of a good ground control is an extremely important aspect of any photogrammetric operation. The accuracy of a finished map can be no better than the ground control upon which it is based .

1.Photo Ground Control

Aerial photographs of good metrical quality are essential in photogrammetry.

For these reasons Stereometrics has assembled a team of subconsultants which are also recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

2.Aerial Photography

The digital planimetric and topographic mapping is the most useful product for engineering design.

4.Digital Topographic Mapping

Orthophotography is an image corrected for displacements caused by the photographic tilt or terrain relief. It can be used as a map for making direct measurements of distances, angles, or areas. This cannot be done with regular perspective photographs.

The traditional digital topographic  and planimetric line work can be superimposed  over the orthophotography.



We are using  AP-32 (SoftMap) and PATB (K2-Photogrammetry) software for the aerotriangulation measurements and the final block adjustments.

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Aerial Photo Acquisition  Options:

ˇ Film or Digital

ˇ B&W or Color

(at various commonly used photo scales)

Contact Prints and Photo Enlargements  could be  also provided as hard copies.