Illinois Aerial Survey Provider


About Our Aerial Mapping Firm


Established in 2002, Stereometrics remains a client-focused mapping firm, committed to delivering accurate mapping products providing cost-effective solutions.


Using accurate instruments we can manage projects at any specifications producing quality maps on schedule and within the negotiated budget.


According to our quality assurance plan, all maps leaving the company are checked to ensure the quality and compliance with National Map Standards Accuracy.

With low overhead and a great desire to succeed, we can offer very competitive prices.



We have been Illinois-DOT pre-qualified firm in the aerial mapping services category

since the firm was founded .


            Prequalification List of  Consultants (updated every Friday)


We are required to maintain:

      ·  Calibrated photogrammetric instruments and annually updated versions of  our

           mapping software.

      ·   ASPRS certification for at least one photogrammetrist on staff.

            (Mihai Prelipceanu, CP)

          Search for Certified Professional- ASPRS

      ·   A mandatory level of general and professional liability insurance.






Phone: 847-202-1262